Find the VA who is in it for the long haul.

The perfect fit VA that leverages your business.


Get ease in selection through a tailored list of stellar candidates.


Enjoy a hassle-free recruitment process.


Secure a scalable and trustworthy VA for your business.

Tired of hiring VAs that provide short-term support?

There is a HUGE pool of candidates for you to choose from. When you finally hire one, you’ll find that they only stay on for a couple of months. Time, effort and energy: GONE. We’re not even talking about the recruitment costs.

Ideally, you hire one. Train one. And both of you ride into the sunset… working together, smashing goals and getting the rewards for your efforts. But it’s not happening right now, is it?

We want to pick up the slack. That’s what
GETMEAVA is for.

How this all works…

#1 Tell us what you need.

We want to know what you’re looking for. From your list, we’ll look from our pool of stellar candidates and find “the one” for you.

#2 Book an Interview.

From our pool, we’ll send you the roster of candidates that would fit. Just choose from our list then do a one-on-one interview!

#3 Hire!

Got a winner? Then go get ‘em! Let us know who you choose and we’ll work on the contract.

#4 Work together.

Your VA will undergo a training period. If it's a go for you, he or she is in the team! Yay!

Finding the perfect fit VA is not impossible…but you don’t always hire the perfect one on your first try.

Recruitment is not very fun. Sometimes it’s not a fit. Sometimes they just leave. At times, you don’t even get to hire anyone at all.

The process in itself is GRUELLING. So it’s best that we take this process off your hands and let us do what we do best.

Let us find the right one for you so you can focus on your genius; while we find your VA with good chemistry.